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Programs & Services


Workshops- Spring Clearance offers and array of workshops based on the 12 steps and traditions, as well as an array of wellness-based seminars like physical fitness, meditation, grief management, money management, and so much more!

Keynote Speakers - Our two evening meetings feature keynote speakers from areas of the country (or the world) outside of the New York.

Activities - It’s not all workshops and meetings! Join us for nature walks, a bonfire, and field day outside. if you’d prefer to stay indoors, come inside to the atrium and play ping pong, air hockey, or a rousing game of cards (Cards Against Humanity anyone?)

Entertainment - Come on down to the big tent Saturday night for some show stopping entertainment on the mainstage. Want to learn more? You’ll just have to be there!

Meetings - Are you an early bird? Maybe a night owl? Join us on Saturday and Sunday morning at 7am and Friday night and Saturday night at midnight for a one-hour candlelit speaker meeting.

Food - Your registration includes delicious buffet style breakfast lunch and dinner from the masterful team at Morgan’s Restaurant. You’ll also find an unlimited supply of snacks, cold beverages and coffee in the atrium