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2019 Program and Schedule

Steps and Activities

Step Workshops

Step 1: Find Power Through Powerlessness: A Guide To Getting Started With Step One
Step One can be both intimidating and confusing. What does it mean that we are powerless? And how do we know we are? And what can we even do with this information? Join us for a workshop focusing on not only examining our addictions but also learning how to change our self-defeating behaviors.
Chris C, Wes B

Step 2/3: For the Love of Shania
Come on over so we can discuss the ideas and concepts of steps two and three, how others have gotten through these two steps, the practical applications for them in our every day lives, and attain a better understanding of how to put a higher power to work for you, from this moment on.
Adam P, Christopher P

Steps 3, 7, 11: No One Is Alone: Walking the Path of Your Own Understanding
Ah yes, the “God” steps. What is God? What's an HP? What is spirituality? WHAT ARE THE ANSWERS AND WHERE CAN I FIND THEM?! If you've ever had these questions you are not alone! Let’s travel together down this path of discovery and exploration. Wherever you are at today, hand in hand we can search for the path of least resistance.
Gregg K, James F

Steps 4, 5, 10: Clean up in Aisle 5!
It’s time to spill the tea with the inventory steps of 4/5/10. Learn and practice how to inventory resentments, fears, old behaviors, and sexual behaviors and how to discuss them with another addict. Step 10 helps keep that process fresh.
Mark V, Pablo D

Step 4 Sexual Inventory: Sexual Healing - From Inventory to Ideal
Sex can be a challenging and triggering experience for those in recovery. Come to the sexual healing workshop where you will learn how to work through your sexual past to create a healthy sexual future.
PJ T, Joshua U

Step 6/7: Going from Willful to Willing
Drop the Rock Already! will focus on steps 6 and 7 by using the spiritual principles of willingness (step 6) and humility (step 7) as a guide to having our defects of character removed, allowing us to begin to intuitively know how to “Drop the Rock” and live a spiritual life of intention. Come with your defects! Leave with willingness and humility.
Gustavo G, Lawrence C

Step 8/9: Ready, willing and able: how to do an effective Step 8 and 9
This workshop will show you what becoming willing looks like in practical terms, different types of amends, and how to make them. Join us, have fun, and learn more about taking this vital step in your recovery!
Alasdair C, Brian Q

Step 12: The Joy of Living - Into Action
The Twelfth Step offers some of the most profound promises of the twelve-step program of recovery—the return of sanity, freedom from fear and isolation, a happy and purposeful life. Whether you’ve got days, months or years, this dynamic workshop will leave you present and awake to the promises and possibilities of carrying the message and practicing the principles of recovery. 
Michael H, James L


Spring Clearance 101: Freshman Orientation
First time at Spring Clearance? Join us for a welcome reception in the patio! We'll help answer questions, break the ice, and introduce you to rest of the 2019 freshman class.

Welcome Bonfire
Join your fellows around a roaring campfire near Lake Wononscopomuc. There’ll be s’mores, hot chocolate and plenty of fun to start your Spring Clearance off right!

Spring Clearance Cinema
Grab a bucket of freshly popped popcorn, a handful of candy and a cold soda. Then sit back, relax and enjoy the show.
Friday: The Birdcage
Saturday: Fried Green Tomatoes

Members of the mafia have invaded our Spring Clearance community and
they are out for blood! The concerned citizens need to root them out with the help of our angels. Join this fun, large-scale interactive game that will test your powers of memory and deception. Led by Omar V. from Austin, TX.

A Walk On the Quiet Side
Experience nature as you never have before with a silent (yes, silent) hike led by Stephen L. and Ben P. that will refresh and invigorate your body and soul. Hiking boots not required for this easy trail along Beaver Pond. Meet at 1:15pm at Tennis Courts.

Field Day: Dodge Ball (Weather permitting)
Let out your resentments and have some fun by getting an old school in a light-hearted dodge ball game. Alex M. and Lucas O. are organizing teams to get outside and play.

Saturday Night Entertaintment - Got it! Spiritual Awakening
Program Legends Karen K and Kathy W return to the stage after their triumphant statewide “Got It” Prison and Outpatient Tour to present a brand-new spiritually enhanced evening of music and workshops for the recovered addict who’s ready to dial back their recovery and enlighten their life.

“Get ready to receive everything you’ve been missing in those boring, time-consuming meditation meetings!“ - Time Out New York

Arts and Crafts: Craft Your Own Happiness
Join us and let's get verbal on your walls together as we each create our own fun wall art using wood slices.  This unique decor is simple to construct and personalized with your choice of names, positive affirmations, special dates, etc. It's a wonderful gift to both yourself and others!
Eric H. and Daniel M.